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Thursday, September 3

I am moving to Monaco

Club Monaco that is!
I could move right in. AND they were playing my new favorite song:
After a long day of working- it was nice to see such a pretty store. You know I am a sucker for black and white anything! I have my eye on that large scale gingham shirt when it hits the sale rack (hint hint- you know who you are!)
Happy Friday!


Ideezine said...

I'm right there with ya on this one. Great post!
Have a great weekend!


Love the Home You're With said...

Hey kindred spirit- not only do I love all things black and white, my favorite new song is Sweet Disposition- been telling all my friends about it and playing it all weekend! I almost fell over when I casually clicked on your youtube link and saw it there! Love when that kind of stuff happens! Robin

Anonymous said...

Hi, Grant,

I've never heard of this place, so thanks for mentioning it! It looks terrific, and I'll definitely be checking it out.



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