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Tuesday, August 25

Facebook- blogging - and my roadtrip highlights!

As some of you know- I fought it for so long- FACEBOOK that is! It is addicting! Oh my! But it has been fun to do some networking and see photos of friends and find people from years past.
I see what all of you "cool kids" were talking about!

Ok- on to more serious things- sorry for the lack of posts in the past few weeks- life has been super busy and a few curve balls here and there...more good stuff that I am working on to post on the way!

And now for the road trip highlights:

The trip was fun- but a long long trip- 36 hours total of driving. From SF to Mendocino was 6 hours (as we had to take hwy 1 up) and then from Mendocino to Portland was 12 hours! Oh but guess what- there are about 100 Dairy Queens on this road- so that part really isn't as bad as it sounds. There were a few stops for Diet Cokes too! I just had to take a photo at the Chinese restaurant with it's "Great Chinese Food". The time in Portland was so much fun! Elliot (the godson) and I had a ball- we even got to sneak away and go play at the science museum (while his mommy and daddy got to stay home to catch up on things). Wallace and Campbell really enjoyed being with their dog "Miss Cleo". I enjoyed hanging out in the hammock and reading stories to Elliot and helping feed him lunch and dinner (Uncle Grant liked to put the food all out in an artistic manner- as you can see!). Can't forget the LL Bean bag and how that was so much fun to play in! There was even a trip to Target (no sales tax) and there was the Apple store to upgrade my iphone (again no tax!). I can't tell if Wallace is going to be scared for the rest of his life for me making him sit in the swing? He also thought that the car seat in the back of my car was a great place to sit to be up high!

It was a fun time...but I am glad to be back at home. Next year I think that I might fly!


Habitually Chic said...

"I shall call him Mini Me!" You two do kind of look alike! So cute! Glad you are back too!

Grant K. Gibson said...

People have asked if he was my son before!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

Look at how cute Wallace is in that swing! Wellington and Wallace (and Martha's Barclay) would love to swing together!

-ChicColes -Cassandra


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