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Thursday, July 16

Drapes-couches and coffee tables- oh my!

Why does it bother me so much when people use these words?
Off with your heads I say!

Why can't we call them CURTAINS- SOFAS and COCKTAIL TABLES (such NICE words!)

Drapes just sound old lady like and couches sound frumpy and not comfortable and coffee tables just a place to put an ugly chipped mug on. Now you say curtains and you can visualize the fullness of the fabrics and how they billow in the wind and the word sofa and you don't think frumpy anymore and a cocktail table with pretty books and a vase of flowers.

Am I the only one that has these feelings?

Happy Friday to all...

(I took this photo last year at the San Francisco Fall Antiques show in the Obsolete booth)


La Maison Fou said...

I suppose it is what you hear growing up & just becomes a way about you. We would also say; Divan,window coverings, & tea tables.
Have a great weekend!

john in nc said...

the word couch is just vulgar

Style Redux 2 said...

It must be a regional thing. I am the exact opposite-curtains, sofas, and cocktail tables sound very dated and 1950s to me.

GrannySmithGreen said...

Very funny! Yes, these words are a bit bothersome. You must simply venture to the South. We sit on sofas and certainly have a "drinks" table. Oh, my, and drapes! Yikes! Those are only used in funerals! A funny post GKG!

Valerie Wills Interiors said...

Coming from the UK, we always say curtains and sofa.... I have to say we do say coffee table - but thinking about it, it should be a tea table as we Brits tend to drink more tea! ha ha.... I much prefer cocktail table though... I will change immediately ;o)

Scott Fazzini said...

Grant I prefer drapery to curtains. Curtains, to me, sound like flimsy static clung panels from Ikea. I think that the term couch, when properly used, is very chic. The problem being that not many people know the difference between a sofa and a couch. So many people use the terms interchangeably which is like calling desk a dining table, and a dining table a desk. I'm with you on cocktail table though! I don't mind the term coffee table if it's reserved for sturdy workhorse sort of table in a room full of comfortable sofas, chairs, and perhaps even a couch! ha ha

Beth- I love that you associate curtains, sofas, and cocktail tables to the 1950's! You're absolutely right! I think that's especially why I like to use them!

Ideezine said...

It's all an illusion. Being an interior designer you can make anything and I mean anything look, sound and feel devine. We designers treat our words as flowers. Keeping everything fresh and lovely!

Don't get hung up on the words because what's old is new again and soon we'll be using those terms again. Trust me I'm a designer!

Karen said...

Grant, I completely agree with you. "Drapes" and "couches" are like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Pigtown-Design said...

I did a post on words that make you wince! Mine were "infection" and "wound". EEEK!

Drapes isn't a good word either!


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