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Saturday, July 18

Dog crate for sale

So some of you know I am moving some things around in my life (more on all of those details soon) and I am in this "summer cleaning and selling mode". So I have been snapping photos of things around my house and office and listing the items on craigslist. It is really so simple- just take the photo- download it- post a little ad and then wait for the people to email.
I have managed to sell all kinds of things that I didn't really need anymore and I feel good about the fact that these items are being used by someone who wants them.

So I have met some really nice people. They show up when they say they will. They bring cash- and there haven't really been any issues. I wouldn't say that what happened with the dog crate was an issue- but rather just strange. You have to remember that I am a city boy- I grew up in Los Angeles and then moved to New York and I have found my home in San Francisco.

So my ad was something like this:
Large dog crate for sale. Basically brand new- purchased for $100 less than 6 months ago. Only selling it as I have two of these and I need the room. Perfect condition- $50 cash. Email me to set up a time to come and take this away.

So "Jennifer" emailed to me minutes after I put the ad up and said that she wanted the crate- so I emailed back saying perfect- what time/when- etc. She emailed back saying 11am after she dropped her daughter off at fencing class (which I didn't think to much of at all- to each his or her own) at 10.45. All was going well- had emailed my cell phone # and address to "Jennifer" and then is where is gets strange. So the phone rang about 10:30 and "Jennifer" was on the other end. She sounded nice on the phone. She said that she was really sorry that she was not going to be able to make it at 10.45 to pick up the crate as they had changed there mind. So I said- sure no problem at all. Then she went into WHY she didn't want the crate (I didn't ask why)! She told me that instead of using the crate for a dog- they were going to use the crate for their chicken- but that they didn't need it anymore- as they were going to instead kill the chicken and have it for dinner! I quickly finished up the call and thanked her for calling to let me know.

A chicken! Killing it! For dinner! Buying a dog crate to put your chicken in!
Now this was just too too much for me.

The story ends with a nice man who came to buy the crate for her bulldog named a few days later. I didn't tell him the story of the chicken dinner. His dog jumped right into the crate and he was happy and I was happy with my $50.


La Maison Fou said...

Oh my goodness! Well, I hope that chicken gets the chance to make a "chicken run".....


OMG poor chicken! I can't imagine eating my pet...ever.

Habitually Chic said...

I think that is the definition of too much information! Glad a normal person finally bought it for their dog!

Scott Fazzini said...

I'm sitting here with a shocked look in my face... not even sure how to respond. But I will offer this adapted advice for your Craigslist endeavor, "post softly, but carry a big stick." -T.Roosevelt and me

Alicia said...

Im wondering if it was a prank...God I hope so. TMI otherwise.

Ideezine said...

Sometimes in his world people are into shock waves. So they expand on a story for the thrill of shocking you. Now you've been exposed to the shock and nothing will top that story, for sure for a long time. Oh the webs we weave, really scary!


anh-minh said...

That is so crazy!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

another satisfied craigslist customer (and another CL weirdo!). I've had experiences of both kinds, but what would we do without it!

katiedid said...

Too funny! Sounds like the daughter had a little fencing practice with that chicken! I guess that was the "point".


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