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Thursday, May 28

The Style Saloniste

Have you seen:


Diane Dorrans Saeks is blogging and she has been posting SUCH great things! I am not sure HOW she finds the time to now write a blog too- with all of the wonderful interior design books that she writes- as well as being an editor at C magazine and San Francisco magazine! How does she do it? 20 books- with her latest on Orlando Diaz-Azcuy...

We are SO lucky in San Francisco to have such a talented writer focus on local tidbits- but also everything chic around the world.
When I started my blog last year- I was welcomed with open arms by so many great people out there in cyber world- and I have met great people from all around the country. So everyone check out this great new blog- as I am sure it is going to be amazing and a great source of information to us all!

I was lucky enough to get to travel for a few days with Diane in Venice and here are a few great photos.
We ran into Diane at Forian and she surpised Suzanna when seeing her with a game of guess who!
A wonderful lunch at one of the best places (this was Diane's find-she she sure was right on how good the food was)- Bancogiro- basically right next to the Rialto famers market (which a posted on a few weeks back). Everything was so fresh and we had the pasta was white asparagus. YUM! I can still taste the ice cold prosecco as well...
A few great day trips out of Venice to the Veneto- to Villa Barbaro and to the Canova Gipsoteca and Villa Cornaro.
Wow what great memories!
Thank you for the great portrait shot of me too Diane! I just love it!

Check out The Style Salonite...


Alicia said...

Prosecco, yummy mezzaluna & a true lady for a lunching companion in Veneto, no less, was an experience to die for.
I always hope for the "perfecto" monent in Venice. I blame Rossano Brazzi (delish) in "Summertime."
Love her blog, love her words.
Thak you so much.

The Peak of Chic said...

She is so incredibly talented, and one of the most stylish and elegant people I know. What a fun trip you must have had!

Style Redux 2 said...

What gorgeous photos and what a life! Thanks so much for stopping by my blogs.

Theresa Cheek said...

Such wonderful posts! The pictures are fabulous! You are showing the best of Venice.

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...


Thank you! This is a lovely surprise. I love your blog--and especially your photos! You are such a talented photographer and designer.

We were in the Veneto 'chasing Palladio'--and with great friends we set out for the private Villa Cornaro and for Villa Barbaro, and then exploration of the Canova museum.

Viewing villas and art is our idea of a great day.
Grant--you have a fantastic career ahead of you--as a designer and as a blogger. Bravissimo!

Brillante Home Decor said...

If you ever want to explore Milan and experience an insider tour for design and art...check my blog.

Revival Home and Garden said...

Grant, your blog, shop and portfolio are simply stunning. This looks like one trip and group I would have loved to have been a part of. Perhaps next time?

I'm so excited to have discovered you and shall dream tonight of some greek key hurricanes, vintage circus posters, and a fabulous yellow chinoiserie cabinet!


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