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Saturday, February 7


Yesterday I had the honor of sitting on a panel lecture at the SF Design Center hosted by Wroolie & Co in the Galleria building. It was a great event with a very nice turn out (even with the rain of the day. Check out my rain boots in the photo of just me just about to leave my office for the lecture! A last minute touch!)

The topic of the lecture:

The key to success is understanding your client—their likes and dislikes, how they buy, why they buy, their social and ecological consciousness, the economy, etc. Today, the face of the consumer is changing—emerging are the young and dynamic who conduct business in a manner very different from five years ago, as well as the empty-nesters with their newfound freedom. We invite you to navigate the trends of the young, the affluent and the successful.

Sarah Lynch- panel moderator- Editor of California Home and Design
Heather Hartle, Editorial and Creative Director, Hartle Media
Grant K. Gibson, Designer, Grant K. Gibson Interior Design
Martha Angus, Interior Designer Martha Angus, Inc.
Alf Nucifora, Chairman of the Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco

Thank you to everyone to turned out. I am not a big fan of public speaking- but it turned out just fine!


tartanscot said...


Thanks again for being part of this great discussion. It was incredibly informative and inspiring.

great boots!

Ivy Lane said...

What do you find the young clientele are most likely to splurge on in a design/reno project?

Paul Pincus said...

i know this off topic ... but i felt compelled to tell you that your nob hill, san francisco pied-a-terre is pure genius.

ps try wearing's addictive ; )

Grant K. Gibson "the blog" said...

Ivy Lane-
So I think that the common answer on the panel was the clients keep spending on kitchens and bathrooms.
I see it as people spending more on rooms that they live in like bedrooms and the living room.


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