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Thursday, February 12

Islands in kitchens...

I can't seem to get this wonderful island out of my head that I saw at the flea market.
I love how it is so functional and has great storage under for items and hanging space for pots and pans.
It is too rustic? It seems that everyone wants such modern "pretty" kitchens- but it might be great to juxtapose this in a space.
It is shame that my kitchen is about the size of a closet otherwise I would have jumped on this purchase for my own place!


Pigtown-Design said...

The island and the amazing copper pots! I'd take it all.

The one piece of furniture I kept in storage when I moved to the UK was a six-foot long commercial kitchen counter with a shelf under it. It's got a backsplash, so I couldn't use it as an island, but it's wizard!

Laura said...

That is awesome...a little weird to have the pots hanging over a cutting board though maybe? I feel like I would end up hitting my head on them as I was chopping away.

My Notting Hill said...

I love it!! Wish I could have something like that in my kitchen too.

Colleen Hickey said...

I love it. My kitchen is way too small but I dream of the day I can have something industrial like this. I agree that the pots are too low.

Grant K. Gibson "the blog" said...

I think for some reason those pots have a REALLY long handle on them- so maybe using non- antique pots and not having them hang as low? Even raising the side poles a foot or two. But then will everyone say that you can't reach them? I am 6' not an issue for me.

sharon said...

not too rustic at all. it has a bit of an industrial feel that would be perfect juxtaposed with a modern kitchen. i too wish my kitchen was big enough for such items.

pve design said...

It is wonderful. We rent a cabin upstate with an island like this, pots above, working surface and storage below. Not only is it practical, it is "command central>"


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