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Wednesday, February 11

Christmas in February?

Now call me strange- but this dried up old tree appeared a block from my place on the street corner waiting for the trash man to come and take this away- but the strange part is that this was just yesterday. FEBRUARY! What is the world was the tree doing in this persons house for so long? I hope that they were on a safari or something for a month and didn't get to it before leaving. That is the only logical explanation that I can come up with. That brings me to a question. How long is alright to leave a tree up? Maybe it is me that is strange and thinks the second week of February is way to late? Thoughts?


Thatgirl said...

(Ugh... I'm such a horrid person.) Once upon a time there lived the most freshest of trees gracing our living space with glee... Then. Came. Easter. Perhaps it would have became a year round ornament if not for my MIL and FIL delivering an unannounced knock at the door. Out the window she fell with a thump. Totally relieved and clearly disheveled, I answered the door. Gee, Wally, what's the first thing my father in law did whilst touring the pine? scented? expanse? Open the damn drapes to "let some light in; it's a beautiful day!" Yes, that very window. That bastard.

Things That Inspire said...

This reminds me of my teenage years in Connecticut...there was a family that kept the (artificial) tree up until April. I actually enjoyed looking at it from January - March, but I would never be able to deal with a tree in my own house past January 1st, especially a live tree.

Rachel said...

LOL!! You know, I saw one out by the curb a few blocks from me just a couple of weeks ago too! And I thought the same thing you did!

I usually take ours down between Christmas and New Year's, although I have taken it down New Year's day. But never later!

Scott Fazzini said...

I was ashamed to have left mine up until the last week of January. Now I don't feel so bad.


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