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Wednesday, February 4

David Easton

I have admired David Easton's work and so exciting to get to meet him this morning and hear him lecture at the San Francisco Design Center for "Design San Francisco" formally Winter Market.

Lee Jofa hosted and some of the new fabrics and furniture were on display.

I think what I took from David Easton's lecture was what he called his "wanderlust" for travel.
He couldn't stress more in his lecture that travel inspired him and was the most wonderful thing that people could do to educate themselves on so many different levels.
Places that David Easton takes the most inspiration these days from: Cape Town, Sydney, India and China.
Reading about the place you are traveling to while you were there was also a good point to the lecture- Marco Polo on his last trip to Beijing. When I talked to David I told him that I couldn't have agreed with him more and that I didn't have a formal design degree but had been educating myself with travel over the last years. His advice- get a copy of Death and Venice and read it twice before my trip in May!

Sorry that the photos aren't great- The shot of David and Suzanna and myself had the light from the slide projector shining on us. Also pictured are Rory and Savannah-the most wonderful sales team at the showroom.


sharon said...

sounds like a great lecture - right up your ally.

ArchitectDesign said...

It does sound like a great lecture; how great that you got to speak with him! I can't wait to see your pictures from Venice :-)

Habitually Chic said...

I will have to check and see if he's planning on lecturing anywhere in NYC. Sounds fabulous! And I might have to pick up Death in Venice too! Maybe we can start a bi-coastal book club!


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