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Friday, February 8

Off to Kenya

Leaving for Kenya this afternoon. I love taking a little notebook along when I travel to jot down notes and memories.  This is a favorite quote (and so inspiring  as I am off for my adventure.)  I've left some musings for you while I am gone and I can't wait to share my adventures when I return!

"The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are." - Samuel Johnson


mary said...

Have a a great trip. The quote is perfect for every day life, too. We are all just traveling through hoping for awareness.

Anonymous said...

Safe travels.

Dianne said...

Have a fantastic and safe time, will be looking forward ti future post..

Lynne Rutter | the Ornamentalist said...

have a wonderful and safe journey! Remember sometimes to put the camera down and just BE there.

katiedid said...

Looking forward to living vicariously through your photos! said...

I am really enjoying your blog.
Kenya is life changing. I can not wait to read about your adventure. I went to Kenya last summer and wrote one post. I will be posting more about my trip. Once you go to Africa you know you must return. Safe travels.

Sharon said...

9839Your designs take my breath away! I can't wait for you to have the time to have a book published.


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