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Wednesday, January 23

Sleepless in Seattle

Last weekend, I spent the weekend with a handful of great friends in Seattle.  It was a great little getaway filled with lots of laughs.  The weather was freezing cold - but hey - at least it was sunny and not raining!

Biscuits with freezer jam for breakfast from Oddfellows

A latte from Stumptown

Walking through Freeway Park

I loved seeing my photos for sale in person at Watson Kennedy!  You must check out this store the next time you are in Seattle.  One of the best curated stores in the country, hands down.

Speaking of Watson Kennedy: Ted, the owner, hosted a wonderful dinner party for my visit.  Every detail in their apartment was perfect and the food was out of this world.

Forget the space needle.  Check out the Smith tower. The elevator takes you to the best view in the city.  The viewing room is filled with Chinoiserie treasures.  Worth the visit.  I promise.



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