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Monday, October 8


Loved the shape and style of these bar stools that I saw this past weekend at the flea market. Sadly, I didn’t pick them up (I don't have place for them).

Caramel apples.  At a lunch over the weekend a friend made these homemade yummy treats with apples from her own tree.  Makes me want to make these for dessert my next dinner party!

I took the leap and bought the blender of my dreams - the Vitamix.  I can’t wait to make beautifully pureed soups this season.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

yes, the ones that get away!! More space means more stuff -not sure if thats good or bad. Bad for the wallet surely!

Kristie Vosper said...

Love the stools. Enjoy the blender! It's a fun toy.

pve design said...

makes me want to sing that song "Beat it" - "Beat it"
or "Whip it" - "Whip it real good!
ha ha

home before dark said...

47You are going to love the VitaMix! I promise.

Natalie Thiele said...

You will love your Vita Mix! Soups, smoothies, and peacharitas-blended margaritas with a peach thrown in. I drink them all summer long. I call it drinking my way to good health.


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