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Friday, March 30


I love signage. Even graphic signs on the freeway. Last week I was able to check up on a few projects under construction in Carmel and catch up with some good friends over dinner and wine. Always a treat to get away even if just for the night.

I love the smell of interesting and complex scents. From candles to cologne. Fillmore Street in San Francisco has a fairly new Le Lebo store. A Sunday afternoon stroll ended with a few new made-to-order fragrances for me.

Sometimes you just want to put your feet up and relax. I find so much inspiration in design magazines and an iced cold Diet Coke.

Hope that you have a great weekend!


Karena said...

The Seventeen Mile of my favorite coastlines, Grant!

I have weened myself off Diet Coke for the most part however still crave it occasionally and yes, while reading a Shelter Mag!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

YOU inspire me cookie!!

Anonymous said...

Reading design magazines and Diet Coke is my idea of perfection too.

Chic Coles said...

What fun. Projects in PB!

And that store is going onto the must check out list. Hadn't heard of it. Thanks for the heads up! What scents did you create?

Have a fantastic weekend. xo Chic Coles

Anonymous said...

Hi Grant. I love Le labo sandalwood. And diet coke! Hugs Martha

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Anonymous said...

G, Me 2 !!!

Dean Farris, Designer

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew you. We both enjoy so much the same kinds of on one coast, I on the opposite coast...Daytona Beach. Have a great weekend!

Charles Allen

Anonymous said...

You have such a charming way of articulating things I think about but never say out loud. Thanks for being you. Xxxx

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