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Monday, June 13

Elle Décor New York Concept House

I have most certainly racked up the frequent flyer miles in the last few months.
Primarily flying back and forth to New York (poor me…right?). We are working on a few great client projects in New York, including a fabulous apartment in Tribeca.

I know that I mentioned a few months ago that I would be participating in the New York showcase for Elle Décor. After designing a space for the Elle Décor showcase house last fall here in San Francisco (remember my bright pink chinoiserie teenage girls bedroom?), I couldn’t say no at the amazing opportunity to design the kitchen and dining room space.

The project was open for the month May and was a huge success. I am not sure I remember much of the month of May - with two showcase houses open in two cities!

My concept for designing this space was really to take a more casual approach.

Mixing in vintage pieces kept the space feeling light and relaxed. I really wanted to juxtapose texture, objects and shapes (I used a vintage French 1970’s table) against the sleek modern cabinetry. (Special thanks to Bosch for providing new stainless appliances: range, dishwasher and refrigerator)

I really wanted to also use the space to highlight two artists: Jennifer Ament and Michelle Vaughan. I just loved the whimsy in both of their work.

The light fixture was designed by Workstead and really created a wonderful sculptural and industrial layer to the space.
The Moroccan runner was from The Rug Company.

I always love to add a bit of humor and fun to my work.
I wanted to play a bit with the fact that so many New Yorkers don’t really cook or use their kitchens much.

I don’t recall Carrie Bradshaw cooking at all in her kitchen.

"The only thing I've ever successfully made in the kitchen is a mess. And several small fires." - Carrie

To play a bit with this and the concept of “take out” and “delivery”- I took Chinese food menus and created a fun and whimsical backsplash.

I saw this space as a place where someone might have a cup of coffee and yogurt in the morning or put out very simple snacks for a cocktail party.

Special thanks to Jamie Beck for her fabulous photos and to Caitlin Flemming for making that happen!


The Buzz Blog said...

Yours was one of our favorite rooms and we're so glad the Elle Decor Concept House made it on the list of Blogfest events.

Anonymous said...

Yours was definitely my favourite. Well done Grant. You deserve a good long rest after this one. What do you have lined up next? Anything closer to home here in the Bay Area?

Brillante Interiors said...

You are amazing, what's next for the golden boy? I love your sense of humour too. Ciao.

Madina Aryeh said...

Grant, fabulous! LOVE the menus-on-walls idea!

Caitlin said...

Loved your space in this Concept House - you did an amazing job!

Thanks for the link love!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Love the Chinese menu backsplash!

Allison Alexander

Full House said...

I know why you loved that emerald green are rocking that green lately by the way...loved the space you just recently designed with the fake flowers on the table:-)

xx - Christina

Katherynn said...

love this design! The take out menus as the backsplash is a great idea! And you're right, Carrie never made anything in her kitchen other than "a mess and some small fires.." she also used her oven to store back issues of vogue, I think :) Love myself some great design and a CB reference! :)


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