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Wednesday, December 15

Pantone Color of the Year- 2011

Who would have thought that when I decided to design a PINK room last month that I would be a trend setter!

Well, not really. I can't claim that PANTONE has named this lovely shade of pink (what they call honeysuckle) because of me and my recent design work...but I can dream right?

A Color for All Seasons
Courageous. Confident. Vital. A brave new color, for a brave new world.
This is what PANTONE is saying.

While the 2010 color of the year, PANTONE Turquoise, served as an escape for many, Honeysuckle emboldens us to face everyday troubles with verve and vigor. A dynamic reddish pink, Honeysuckle is encouraging and uplifting. It elevates our psyche beyond escape, instilling the confidence, courage and spirit to meet the exhaustive challenges that have become part of everyday life.

“In times of stress, we need something to lift our spirits. Honeysuckle is a captivating, stimulating color that gets the adrenaline going – perfect to ward off the blues,” explains Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “Honeysuckle derives its positive qualities from a powerful bond to its mother color red, the most physical, viscerally alive hue in the spectrum.”

Eiseman continues, “The intensity of this festive reddish pink allures and engages. In fact, this color, not the sweet fragrance of the flower blossoms for which it was named, is what attracts hummingbirds to nectar. Honeysuckle may also bring a wave of nostalgia for its associated delicious scent reminiscent of the carefree days of spring and summer.”

What do you think of pink being the color of 2011?

2010 is coming to an end in just a few weeks. So many things to attend to these days. I always love sharing my adventures, and as always, look forward to continuing to keep up with new and exciting things in 2011.


red ticking said...

i had dinner with your sweet friend phillip and barbara colvin hoopes this evening in seattle.

a small world isnt it?
they said we have to meet...
and that you are a wonderful person...
i can't wait. xx pam

Lynne Rutter said...

if you can pair it with black, it's okay by me!

Concrete Jungle said...

I immediately thought of your room when they annouced the new colour and thought what a clever boy! Can't wait to see next years colour first of Tartan Scot...we're all watching!
Many congrats. Best of the holiday season to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Love the color, Grant, I think your color selection for the girl's room is spot daughter would love a room like this!..well, actually,so would I...maureen

Anonymous said...

Hey Grant...nope, can't do the "pink thing!" No matter what shade, it all
looks like Pepto Bismal! Just doesn't work for me at all!
Merry Christmas!

Charles Allen
Daytona Beach, FL

kayce hughes said...

I have been a big fan of pink for a while and plan to keep loving it even when it becomes "last year".

Anonymous said...


That wallpaper is seriously to die for, if going the whole wall in 18 21-20 is too much, then imagine it on some small painted furniture items, like a small chair, tallboy whatever in the pink.

You dare to do the impossible, and how it works, you have exquisite design taste my friend! Exquisite, now imagine hanging a Harrison Howard print? His chinoiserie designs ROCK!

Jennie Anderson

mary said...

Generally speaking, I'm not a "pink person", but that particular pink is fantastic. And it can become "almost" a neutral.

Cristin @ Simplified Bee said...

You are a trend-setter!


Mood and Space Design said...

I absolutely love this honeysuckle; also when paired with a few different shades of grey. Well done, trendsetter! ;) Dawn

Maria Killam said...

I think it's right on! Orange has taken the stage for a long time now, (even though I adore that colour) Pink is the new Orange. Stunning room you designed!

Anonymous said...

It's about time!



Darling Grant, as you know, I adore pink...and I loved that bedroom. It takes a strong man to do pink!

Brillante Home Decor said...

As I said in my post, about Pantone 2011 color, it must be used with wisdom. I have also inserted a picture of your Elle Decor's bedroom, because I thought about you right away. Your pink is way better than the Pantone one!

The Devoted Classicist said...

With so much aqua this year, I would have thought that. Perhaps it is already on its way "out". But really great design doesn't follow trends, of course, or it will be outdated by the time the pillows are fluffed.

Anonymous said...

You tickle me PINK.

Irene Turner said...

your room is FABULOUS, and you are a trend setter, but not crazy for pink as color of the year. I tweeked it in my blog post to a bit more coral or salmon, works for more people I think : )

Karena said...

Grant I adore your pink room. It has been so wonderful getting to know you this year!

Joyeaux Noel!

I have a new giveaway from My Sparrow, do come and enter!

Art by Karena

Grant K. Gibson said...

Who knew that pink was such a popular color!
I love stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying something new. I am so happy that I did with the pink room for Elle Decor!

Perhaps pink in small doses for everyone!

Market Decor said...

This "pink" was my Grandmother's favorite color. She called it "Pink Geranium". Grandma had a little country house full of antiques. She and Grandpa turned their little skinny back porch into a kitchen. Grandma bravely painted it this very vibrant pink. She had a white beadboard ceiling and white woodwork. She hung white curtains in Summer and a calico (remember?) brown & pink in Fall. Wonderful Memories!


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