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Tuesday, April 13

More IS More

Yes yes- I like to say edit- but some days you just want MORE!
Even Britany Spears says: Gimme more!

But back to my point-Hutton Wilkson lives this motto everyday for sure with his book titled More Is More: Tony Duquette

(If you missed my post on Dodie Rosekrans's place in Venice last year- make sure to check it out HERE)

If you ever wondered where the self portrait that starts my blog was taken- it was at Dodie Rosekran's in Venice

Again- I digress- I know. Let's get on with the bling!
Now you too can have a piece of Hutton's fabulous jewerly with his latest line of jewels that he is selling on (don't judge).
Why not a little (or big and fabulous) cocktail ring for a fun party? The opening night of the San Francisco Decorator Showcase?

As you can see by these fabulous jewels- sometimes- you have to say no to the editing and say- MORE MORE MORE!
Or to quote Hutton: "If it's not fabulous, it's meaningless"


Diane Dorrans Saeks said...


You are on the fabulous roll now.

First a fabulous model in your bed!

Then a chat with Mr Saladino (and dreamy dreamy photos of his garden).

Now Hutton and Dodie and all that bling. Many of my dear friends (including a very chic friend in Santa Barbara) were the first to buy Hutton's jewel treasures. The one piece I wanted (the faux emerald earrings) sold out immediately. We will be waiting for his next online show.
Bravo for these great stories--this is Grant at his best. Your photography is always delicious.
cheers, DIANE

Kathy said...

Received my treasured Tony Duquette book by Goodman and Wilkinson as a Christmas gift last year. The pictures of some of his movie set designs are amazing. His fabulous sense of color, scale, and flair for the dramatic made him a one-of-a-kind/ "they broke the mold" artist and designer. Thanks for the post...K

Karena said...

Grant, wow, these are fabulous designs! I love your photo taken at Dodie's. Really want the book, I kow it is more, and more of elegance beyond.

Art by Karena

Jess said...

Amen to Hutton's quote! And whoever said less is more was in need of a bitch-slap (don't judge). More IS more! Why the heck anyone would settle for less is beyond me!


What fun to have and wear these beautiful Jewels without the worry of their being too pricey.
I love that they are sold to the mass mkt who would never have heard of Tony Duquette or Hutton otherwise.

Sanity Fair said...

I am fast losing my prejudices against HSN! First Nate Berkus, now this! I did a post on some of Duquette's jewelry pieces a while ago
that still give me heart palpitations. Loving these pieces - the fringe necklace especially. Thanks for the shopping tip!
-Sanity Fair

Grant K. Gibson said...

Fab !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dean Farris, Designer

Grant K. Gibson said...

Thank you Diane!
Loving sharing my stories with everyone.

ashlina said...

oh grant. i just love jewels.

Cristin said...

loving the bling and your blog!!! Would love to add you to my blogroll if okay by you.



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