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Thursday, April 1

Great things- April

Thank you everyone for such great feedback last month on my new series on "favorite things".

So here we go for April:

I am super excited for the brand new HEATH store in the Ferry Building in San Francisco. Such a wonderful place filled with some of my favorites: Blue Bottle coffee, Boulettes Larder, The Gardener, Frog Hollow Farms, The Slanted Door, Hog Island Oyster, Taylor's Refresher. If you haven't been- make sure you take the time to check this out on your next trip to San Francisco.

Sadly one of my favorite stores in New York has announced that it is closing in June. This store has been filled with so many great shopping experiences and lunches at The Tea Box. If you are a Takashimaya fan- make sure that you make your last visit. I know that I plan on at least a couple of visits when I am in New York this month.

One of the best parts of spring in San Francisco is visiting the San Francisco Decorator Showcase house. Opening at the end of April- the opening night party is always THE spring event in San Francisco. Oh- the memories of showcase house for me - not so many years ago where I decorated rooms three years in a row. For me the showcase house holds a special place in my heart- as my career was launched here. Even if I am not doing a room this year- it is wonderful event to support students at University High School. Hope to see you opening night!

How much do I want the new iPad? Yes! Please! Apple people- don't you think that you should send it to a certain interior designer to do some testing? Hint hint!

Now if I can have the new ipad- then I will NEED the new Dyson fan with no blades- that produces a stream of smooth air. How wonderful is this new design? I wouldn't be embarrassed to have this out for people to see.

Well- I have to wait until May- but you can pre-order this month. Slow Love: How I Lost My Job, Put On My Pajamas & Found Happiness- by former House & Garden editor-in-chief. If you haven't read the excerpt on The New York Times- go and read it. I can't wait for the book to arrive and spend an afternoon with the book and a pot of tea.

Glee returns on the 13th!

Restoration Hardware has some new things for spring!

Fresh spring peas are so yummy and this recipe for minted pea soup is great for a causal dinner and great leftovers to pack for lunch. Watch for fresh peas at the farmers market. Don't forget to check out the asparagus and artichokes too!

One of my favorite new flavors is Harissa. A North African hot chili- that I want to keep spreading on everything! This recipe is simple and SO flavorful.

I am MAD for these hand painted Italian platers and bowls. One of a kind- love the graphic modern look. Another something for my wish list.


Jeanette {A Passion for Home} said...

I visited Takashimaya last weekend while in NYC. Sad to hear they are closing.

I can't wait to see the iPad in person. I'm holding out as everyone tells me to wait for the 2nd generation but we'll see how long I can refrain from visiting an Apple store before I cave in.

I had never seen the new Dyson fan. Wow!! Bladeless, at that! I do love their vacuum.

I love all the new things from RH. It is so architecturally appealing.

And those plates, OMG! I love a bit of contemporary flair in a traditional setting. You have my mind racing with possibilities!

Thanks for sharing your favorites.

Marija said...

Those bowls! I can think of a million uses. Perfect! Upas is a must. Cannot wait. Terrific round up! Marija

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Oh my goodness, love it all! Can't wait for Browning's book, read the article in the Times as was fab. How I miss SF and the showcase! I worked on the Living Room with T&M a few years back when I was still just an intern. Such fun! Thanks for sharing you fabulous eye with us... Have a lovely weekend. XO katie

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Want the Dyson fan too! Course I love his voice and therefore it makes me want to buy everthing he pitches!

Another good round up! Did you get your Easter peeps yet? Put the new orange colored bunnies in my kids baskets!

Alicia said...!!!!! Glee I'm giddy. Did you know the cast is going on a theatre tour after they finish taping???

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

Grant, great idea and a wonderful piece. Wishing you a very happy holy weekend and relaxing!

maison21 said...

say it so about takashimaya! quelle bummere!

love this post, grant.


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