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Sunday, January 10

Before and After

A good friend emailed today with this photo of me from a few years back. I was having my portrait taken at a photo shoot when I literally had just moved into my new apartment (from my 250 square foot studio). I had forgotten about the LOVELY red walls and the BLAH floor color (I call them pencil colored as they remind me of those No. 2 pencils from elementary school). It seems so long ago now - after all of the changes I've made. I didn't have a sofa or any furniture and as I look around my house the only thing that I still have from my small studio is the pair of cocktail tables that are now in front of my living room sofa.

I think that we get so caught up in the way things look NOW- sometimes its nice to look back and the memories and all hard work that goes into things.


(Before shot of my apartment)

(Better Homes and Gardens, November 2005- 250 square foot studio)


(Those same cocktail tables)

(Same angle as the BEFORE shot with the red walls!)


Scott Fazzini said...

Grant - I was with a friend tonight at dinner and we were talking about you! You're such a spectacular designer. You've got style in spades, a clean and well-edited approach, and a sense of the unexpected. I (and many, many others) am completely enamored.

Lynne Rutter said...

i do love my color, but there is something so refreshing and easy about a white room done well. bravo!

pve design said...

ahh, love happily ever afters.

Acanthus and Acorn said...

It is "fun" to go down memory lane, but thankfully we grow and learn and cultivate our style. And, those end tables are perfect. A good piece is always a good piece! Plus, I have a thing for the acorn detail! If you ever sell them call me:)A beautiful after.

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

I love what you did with it! Not to mention how cute you look with you pups!

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

I adore white walls...Although, as you know there are so many colors of white to choose from. Interesting to know your favorites? My would be Decorator's white and Rsid White. Love, your work. ~maureen

christine said...

When can I puchase a tree in SF, like you have in your living room?

La Maison Fou said...

Great looking BEFORE & AFTER not to mention those adorable babies in your lap!!!
Love a transition!!

Grant K. Gibson said...

You are get the trees (a fiddle leaf ficus tree) at The Plant Warehouse or Flora Grub or Sloat.
To get one in a big size- they can order it for you.
I have a black thumb- and I have kept is alive!

Grant K. Gibson said...

I love a 50/50 of Benjamin Moore- Linen white and Decorator white.
It works every time!

Anonymous said...

Grant- about the white paint, you mentioned in another post that for trim you use "super white". Could you tell me what finish you use? Is semi-gloss the best? Your room looks great.

Grant K. Gibson said...

I really like flat for walls. It hides SO many sins. The more gloss and the more you have to make sure it is all perfect. In my living room actually it is all flat.
For some reason it just worked. I like the flat as it is a very chalky/cloudy like finish. For a client I have never done flat on a trim and like an eggshell/or semi- gloss. High gloss has it's place too. For example all of my interior doors are painted black with high gloss.
Hope that helps. Just ask if you need anything else at all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Grant-Just one more thing. I have high gloss black floors and am doing the white walls at the entry , should the door remain white or black gloss as well?

Grant K. Gibson said...

I think that the high gloss black door would be beautiful with the black floors. It would make it a focal point against the white for sure. Painting my doors black was one of the best ideas in my place. I have yet to do it again with a client.

Things That Inspire said...

I always like to see a good before and after, and I love to see the spaces the designers call home. I always think it would be so challenging to be a designer given the exposure to so many wonderful and fabulous furnishings, fabrics, ideas, houses - how could you not want to change things up every few years? And be surrounded by what truly inspires you?

Thank you for the comment on my blog yesterday - I posted yesterday morning, and the comments immediately started flowing in. It is clearly a topic that polarizes people.

I also thought your comment about being realistic with your designer was important. Sometimes when people are building houses, they think that 'if they build it, it will happen' - like if they build a fabulous kitchen, they will suddenly cook; if they build a great library, they will read. Good words of wisdom in your comment, Grant - thank you!

Renee Finberg said...

the funniest thing...i was preparing a post about you and here i am on your blog.
i found you on the sidebar of the 'domicidal maniac'blog.
who knew????

x renee

Anonymous said...

Grant - i just want to say THANK YOU for your advice with the black door. Many designers would not be as generous as you, especially highly gifted ones like you.

red ticking said...

i love your apartment... you have wonderful talent... x pam

Dagny @ Beautiful Living said...

I really love the after shot. And I've been lusting after a fig tree for months! (I just don't have any space left for it, maybe I should get rid of something??)
It really looks amazing.

Have a fabulous Monday!!

Renee Finberg said...

why don't you come by and see the comments about you and your feature in the NYT.

lindaraxa said...

Hi Grant - I'm a new visitor and so happy to find you, particularly since we both are westie owners! I have a little girl, Lucy who's my sous chef at Lindaraxa's Garden. Love your work!

lindaraxa said...

BTW now that I look at your walls, I think Westies are also 50% Decorator's White and 50% Linen White...a new color for Benjamin Moore?!

katiedid said...

Hi Grant!
Great before, great after!
I have not had as much luck with my Fiddle Leaf Fig, but maybe that is because I got it from IKEA. Live and learn!


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