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Thursday, December 24

Christmas trees

Oh Christmas tree...Oh Christmas tree...

In my travels last week to Sonoma- I came across this most wonderful group of trees made of wood!
I loved them for how simple they were- rustic- modern- industrial-recycled wood- creative and just plain different.
These were in a few different sizes (and the pieces of wood moved around).
Now this might not be for everyone- and I don't see everyone rushing out to do this in their houses next year- but I just thought that these were really great!

You can see this kind of tree over at as an example of an alternative tree.


david john said...

love this idea!

Scott Fazzini said...

SOOOO strange that you should post about those lovely little tannenbaums, I just today came across the very same on

Merry Christmas and all that jazz..


Ideezine said...


Merry Christmas to you and yours, peace and harmony for this holiday.

Bette said...

Merry happy Christmas day. love this idea. said...

very happy merry christmas day. your adea is lovely. said...


Merry Christmas!!!!!

I think they would be great outside, and maybe with some snow on the will be like a piece of art.



I love these trees and just imagine a bit of snow on them! A great project for next fall.

Mark Newman said...

These are fantastic! Thanks for the post, and happy new year.

ink and post said...

such a great idea... thanks for sharing!


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