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Thursday, November 26

Christmas music and decorating

It's all true what Courtney says about me at Style Court (one of my favorites blogs in case you don't know it!)

I am sort of not into Christmas music. Being that I started hearing it weeks ago turns me off even more.

(you can see Courtney's blog post on this topic HERE)

Shouldn't there be some rule or law that Christmas shouldn't go up until AFTER Thanksgiving at least?
I mean I feel like "The Grinch" when I say- "You know they didn't used to put up Christmas junk so early before"- but it's true! They do! Why?

So what are your traditions?
When do you think it's good to put up a tree and put up decorations?
What do you do? What does it look like?
What are your favorite things?

For me- I am not really so big into putting up a tree- but I love to put out bowls of silver balls, and fill the house with paperwhites, magnolia branches, white candles and pomegrantes. And just like Courtney said on her blog- I like to listen to classical and jazz. It's not like I don't get a fair share of Christmas music in my head- I mean how can I avoid it- it's piped in everywhere I go!


Style Court said...


I think you're right! Maybe a rule about the day after -- although in Atlanta we have a big traditional lighting of the department store rooftop tree on Thanksgiving night and choral groups sing etc. That's been going on forever. When everything starts so early -- like at Halloween! -- it dilutes the impact.

I love paper whites and ornaments in bowls too! Great suggestions.

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

Grant. I did see Countney's wonderful blog yesterday.
My comment Ieft.. "I so agree with Grant!" Althrough,
about the 15th of December. I am indeed ready to sing
along. Today, is my day Long with my two best friends,
to have a lite lunch and then off for a facial, mani and pedicure! I love your blog and your design work.

Calimyrna Moon said...

Couldn't agree more, Grant! I find it vile to run into anything 'Christmas' until after Thanksgiving - and I'd prefer December 1 at the earliest. My family put our tree up on the 18th, which was also my parents' anniversary. These days, I content myself with pine cones, a tiny nativity set, a stylized reindeer candle holder, and holiday cards on the piano.

As to Christmas music, if one can even call it that, most of it is so Muzac and tripe-y it doesn't make me think thoughts of good will at all (in fact, precisely the opposite). True jazz is often far more spiritual. I have only one exception and that's Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt. I can listen to that any day of the year! ;-)

Brillante Home Decor said...

As a kid in Milan and even later we used to put up the Christmas tree on the 24(believe it or not... December!). We also had a huge Presepio (Nativity scene) with dozens of figurines, lights, starry sky and all. Midnight Mass, then to bed waiting for Gesu' Bambino (Baby Jesus)...I still remember the presents I got year after year, I doubt kids today remember, a year later, what they got for Christmas! But life is about changes.

LizaE said...

I'm in total agreement with you. Too much Christmas too soon! I usually decorate a freshly cut Silver Tip tree - when I can find one - the week before Christmas. I use antique glass ornaments in turquoise and silver that I've been collecting forever. A visit to the Flower Market in San Francisco is also a must for greenery to make my wreaths and garlands. Also, I love to stack citrus fruits and their leaves to create little arrangements around the house, and gilded or silvered nuts and pinecones. I guess I'm a naturalistic decorator (nothing plastic, thank you!). Music: Definitely The Messiah, classical in general and jazz. Your Christmas decorating sounds lovely!


Love the Home You're With said...

Grant we have to discuss this- you are a big music lover, and the holiday season should be no exception! I'm going to be posting my Christmas playlist on my blog within the next week or so, and judging by how much our tastes have meshed up to this point, I'm hopeful I can make a convert of you! Robin

maryldunne said...

Yes, please, no Christmas until after Thanksgiving leftovers are thrown out! I could go without Christmas music longer, but our daughter (now 18 and home at the moment)is ready much sooner. I do find that Christmas music energizes my decorating (mostly hanging evergreen wreaths and swapping out throws and pillows), so I'll cave for the favorite CD's: a 15+ year old Ralph Lauren
christmas mix (sold in the stores ages ago) and George Winston "Winter." The others (dozens of classical and pop) go into rotation as Christmas nears.


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