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Sunday, October 4

What's under your skirt?

That caught your attention!

Recently- I have had a lot of questions about what kind of table is in the corner of my dining room...

So here is the unavailing of a table that I recently custom built in my dining room to fit right in front of my pocket doors that I keep closed all of the time (my bedroom is on the other side).

I searched all over online- but I just couldn't find the size that I wanted. It was a challenge as I didn't want the table to be too deep-I wanted it to be 20 inches deep (so it wouldn't take up too much space in the room- or that I walked right into the side of the table when you walked in the doorway).

A trip to Lowe's (to cut the plywood top) and The Container Store (for the legs- I did 5 of them for extra support) the table was done- and as you will see from the photos I found a nice flax like colored linen that I draped over table so that I could vision it finished. My wonderful drapery workroom (Madina Aryeh Custom Sewing) who made this table skirt- as well as one in my living room, my beautiful curtains in my bedroom and bedskirt (with the Greek key trim) and all of my pillows- made a custom tightly fit slip cover for the table (trimmed in chocolate brown gross grain ribbon)- with slits in the middle and sides for easy access to roll out my printer and file cabinet (other Container Store finds).

Personally- I think that office equipment (like printers and supplies and file cabinets- even a trash can) can be really ugly. So at the end of the day it is really important for me to push everything under the skirt and put it all away and out of my mind. It makes the space really versatile. At night it doubles as a sideboard and a perfect place for platters of food or nibbles for a cocktail party. The best part is that no one ever has to know what's under the skirt (whooops! I just blew it and gave away my secret!)

How do you deal with storage?

Do you have any ideas to share?

What do you have hidden under your skirt?


Pink Wallpaper said...

your style is impeccable....i'm jealous :)

Blue said...

If you're not careful, you might resurrect that 1980s icon, the skirted table. Classic idea for dining and a great idea for storage. I've always loved the idea of draping a table like yours in a kelim or other flatweave rug. Great post.

Landscape Designer said...

Sensational!! Thanks for this post. You have just solved my storage problem.
Really enjoy your blog & congrats on the NYT article.
Sandra Jonas

david john said...

new to your blog, and loving it!

Ideezine said...

Thanks for the table specs and snaps. I use a table round 72" or 90" from Calico Corners for my clients. It makes a great table as well as bookcase (hidden). Once a custom cover is made made it is fabulous for master suites, guest, living rooms, foyers anywhere really. Best part is the thick glass top you place on top of cover. Stunning!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

love it. thought you might like to see this.

LindsB said...

I need a table just like this and I was all ready to make one myself- but the leg idea from the Container Store is genius!

Your apartment is just stunning...every.single.thing.aboutit!!

highglossblue.blogspot said...

Can I tell you that you are awesome. Really. Love that blue in the bedroom-so rich. Love your bartering skills. And I just moved one of my black and white monogrammed LLBean Totes to the bathroom. Mega congrats on NYTimes-what a dream! I'm coming back tomorrow!

Kelly Galvin Robson said...

Hi Grant! I just want to say that the spread in the NY Times was absolutely gorgeous, and congratulations on the fabulous press! I was so inspired that I posted your work on my blog! I am new to your blog and will now be a regular visitor. :)

La Maison Fou said...

Loved the write up in the New York Times, did a little post on the article today! Luv the apartment!
Leslie said...


Very good idea, i think i will use it also later.
But for the moment i can still use those ugly machines and tons of paper at my office. So i thank God everyday that i don't have a big office corner at home.

But if i would one day i will be thinking of you :-)

Thanks for sharing.


Plia Designs said...

I love your work and also your blog! Huge congrats on the NYT mention and fabulous photos.

Please join Twitter so we can all follow you :)

paula said...

I completely just fell off my chair in awe... so gorgeous.

Your House and Life said...

Grant, just wanted to let you know I've POURED over your apartment in the NY Times. It is so inspiring!!


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