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Sunday, September 20

"Green" with envy

Well it's no secret that I love to cook and that I love to shop for the freshest produce out there- and that I am pretty big into being "green"!

Today was a lovely day in San Francisco (we are finally having our summer) and the farmers market was overflowing with some of the most beautiful things- just begging "take me home with you"! (For those of you who live in SF- I really love the Civic Center farmers market which is on Wednesdays and Sundays). I found so many wonderful things- from fresh eggs, three kinds of beans, fresh baked bread, berries, melon, fennel, squash blossoms, herbs and fingerling potatoes.
Now the fun begins for a week of fresh and healthy meals. I love to shop seasonally and one of my favorite things is just shopping without a list- just buying what looks best and then pouring through cookbooks when getting home and creating inventive and fun meals!

One thing that I am working extra hard on these days- is to always remember to bring my own tote bags with me to the farmers market and also the grocery stores. I thought that by doing this I was "being green"- but it turns out that I wasn't really at all- as I would stare into my tote bag and see all of the plastic bags that I would use for produce- and it just seemed to counter balance what I was trying to do and my "being green". I think that we just reach for the plastic bags and don't think too much about it- it's just a habit! I would try my hardest to re-use the plastic bags- but it was always on my mind and I thought that all of the extra plastic was just wasteful and not good for the earth (with taking YEARS to breakdown).

So I jumped for joy a few weeks back when I discovered these amazing re-usable mesh bags from
Now I don't have to reach for plastic bags anymore and I feel so good about not wasting and being able to re-use the bags over and over again!

Now back to my cooking and enjoying the rest of my Sunday...


Anonymous said...

You make me hungry!!!!!

pve design said...

I am going to tell my sister about these for the family produce business...and I love your bounty of freshly photographed delights! Good food, pretty food makes me happy.

pinknest said...

a gorgeous bounty! what have you been making?


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