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Thursday, August 13

On the road again...

Do you remember all of the fun road trips that you took as a child?
Everyone piled in the back of the station wagon (yes- we really did have a station wagon and it was one of those wood paneled ones too- no joke- I liked to call it the Brady-mobile). Since I grew up in Los Angeles we did a lot in California and other near by states with trips to: Lake Arrowhead, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Carmel, San Diego, Death Valley, New Mexico and the Grand Canyon.

Since I was an only child there was no one to blame anything on in the back seat other then the dog and the other miselanous pets I had at the time (birds, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish). There were no back seats with DVD players to keep me company- like kids can keep busy with these days. I couldn't read- as I get really car sick (sorry if that is just too much information)

How many times can you ask: Are we there yet?

Having fast food seemed exotic- since I was never allowed to have junk food at home.
Maybe it was the road trips that helped me with my forming of interior design-just staring out the windows- seeing new and fresh things- nature- colors and shapes. Billboards with advertisments for things and places that you could dream about?

Did you count license plates to see how many you find from different states?


So I am about to venture off on a road trip- just like old times back many years ago. Why is it when you tell people that you aren't really traveling this summer but going on a road trip they sort of look at you with a blank stare.

So here we go. One of my best friends is flying in from New York and we are driving (with my dogs in the back of the station wagon-sound familar?)- making a great driving mix for my iphone and driving from San Francisco via Mendocino to Portland, Oregon (to visit Elliot my godson and his parents-Sharon (my dear from kidergarden and her husband Stuart) and back via Ashland to San Francisco (staying with friends the whole way to even save more money too!)

I am sure it will be hot!

I am sure that there will be junk food!

I am sure that we will sing songs at the tops of our lungs with the sunroof blowing our hair!

That's my road trip. What are your plans for any end of summer trips?

Back in a week.
Trips are fun. I always love them so much- but then I love coming home too. There is no place like home.

(Photo with my father somewhere in the southwest)


Mikhael Romain said...

I love road trips! Doing that same drive in two weeks. Don't forget to hit up the antique shops in Jacksonville (15 miles outside of Ashland).

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

How cute is the photo with your dad on a road trip! Have fun! I can just picture you driving up the coast. Have a wonderful trip up to Portland!

maison21 said...

LOVE a road trip! have fun!

Pigtown-Design said...

Soooo funny! We drove from Baltimore to Page, AZ, on a trip a friend titled "Careening Across the Country Denigrating the Locals". Ya think? We had a blast though.

Have a safe trip!

MaryBeth said...

Oh this sounds like a blast. Have as much fun as humanly possible and take tons of funny pictures, they are the best to have. But most importantly enjoy yourself and return home safe and sound. xo, MB

Brillante Home Decor said...

It will be a great trip Grant! When I was a kid usually from Milan we went straight to our country house for the whole summer (about 10 hours drive,motion sickness for me too... which are now reduced to less than 4 due to new highways).
Moi? I will be in Milan, Ischia, Venice and my family country house me is like being home, not much of an adventure but I still feel very lucky. I shall report from there.
Have fun!

Ideezine said...

Road trips are great things. Making lists and checking them off. Hitting the road and gaining imagined freedom. Eating pancakes at ihop along the way...wait...what do you mean I'm not going! Oh well have fun and I guess I'll have to wait and read about it.


Laura Casey Interiors said...

I did a 10 hour car trip with my two little boys alone three weeks ago to see my family up north. We played eye spy and counted the cows through Virginia. Felt like they need to do it just like I did. I love that picture of you and your dad. Have a great trip.

Di Brito said...

Road trip memories:

Dad to kids: Don't make me pull the car over...

Kids to Dad: Are we there YET!


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