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Friday, June 12

Round glasses are all the rage!

The New York Times- style section just did a whole slide show with famous people with round glasses. They are making a comeback it seems- but have they really ever gone away?

I liked the slideshow which got me to thinking about other people out there that wear round glasses and what a statement they make.

So here we have a few famous people that we all know to add to the list and some local friends to add to this "round glasses club" list. I really enjoy the oversized and chunky frames the best- personally. They have gone beyond the "architects go to glasses"

In no real order: Iris Apfel, Carrie Donovan, Dominick Dunne, Andy Warhol, John Lennon, David Hockney, Ruth Madoff, Edith Head, Joy Bianchi, Henri Matisse, Philip Johnson, Katherine Pearson, Ghandi, Paul Wiseman, Le Corbusier, Orlando Diaz-Azcuy, Jackie O, Sigmund Freud, David Wing and of course Suzanna Allen!

Who else?

I need to get my eyes checked and jump on the trend!

Happy Friday!


Brillante Home Decor said...

This post is so much fun, trying to put names on faces...I can't resist to add that my good friend and artist Susanna Blunt has the funniest collection of glasses (designed by her) all round shaped and she just started a blog under my pressure to do so...
RED round glasses to be seen at ""

Alicia said...

I definitely can envision your natty tortoise shell spectacles!!!

Scott Fazzini said...

Those specs are all as chic as their owners!

little augury said...

Isn't Carrie Donovan the be all! Great post. LA

Ideezine said...

Here's looking at you kid! They remind me of owl's. Some People have just the perfect face for them like George Burns. Cute!


pve design said...


nice round-up!

Buzz Kaplan said...


That was hysterical and fun to boot! Jeepers, creepers, what a set of peepers--all of them--and so smart looking too.


p.s. want to have dinner this week with Ben, Matthew and me? Call this week...

Style Redux 2 said...

Grant-These are tres chic. They would look good on you. I love that pink coat!

Pigtown-Design said...

I saw the picture of Ruth Madoff in the Times and loved her specs!


The Peak of Chic said...

What a stylish group of people you've shown here!

Anonymous said...

I love the Round Glasses Morgan Fairchild comes to mind =D

Calimyrna Moon said...

Brett Somers (Mrs. Jack Klugman), the Match Game queen, looks super in her 'be seeing you' specs. Thanks for an all 'round great blog, GKG!

Round Eyeglass Fan said...

Great post! It really is true the trend these days is coming back even stronger in favor of round glasses. Its amazing to see all the celebrities that have sported this type of eyewear throughout the years. I just recently purchased a perfectly round pair of glasses that are similar to the ones John Lennon use to wear from and they are incredible!


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