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Sunday, May 17

Day trip: Villa Conaro

Palladio- I heart you!


Phillip Parton said...

Isn't the Gable's place to die for? So huge! Hope you got to get upstairs, which I have never seen. Palladio is my god, so many fine lessons to be learned from his work.

Anonymous said...

great shots grant! could you send along word to SSA that she is *pictured* in the sunday style sextion (attending a party). and SS that all is well at her house. and RF that his kitty is suddenly loving ME for some unknown reason and that the moving van did pull away yesterday after what looked like a major job down at his house. we gave them lemonade. (hot in bay area.)

ArchitectDesign™ said...

OMG i'm so jealous - palladio is my favorite architect and always an inspiration for me. Did you ever see the pictures of my palladio cookie jar? LOL
Enjoy the rest of your trip!! Take lots of pictures for us!


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