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Saturday, May 2

Countdown 10 days and What I am reading...

10 days until Venice and so much to do with client projects and getting things all wrapped up for the office when I am gone.
Just started this new book last night with lot's of great details so far on Venice with some gossip!
(Rainy day in SF today- so I plan on making a pot of tea and spending the day reading)



Anonymous said...

Grant-it's a great book. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Also, I just finished Judith Martin's "No Vulgar Hotel" a great book about the city. There's always Henry James' "Wings of the Dove". Don't forget to go to Torcello to get a taste of the real Venice. Will you be there for the Biennale? If yes, it's a great take-in. Can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back. Have a wonderful time!

Style Court said...

Grant -- have a wonderful, happy and safe trip!!

Brillante Home Decor said...

I just discovered your blog and I was trying to find the post about you going to Venice. Now I am curious and I am looking forward to read about your time there. It is my favourite city (I am Italian, live in Vancouver, have a house near Venice, spent most of my life in Milan)
Enjoy Venezia!I wish I could give you some hints.


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