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Tuesday, April 7

Fisher- Weisman Interior Design and Decoration party

After traveling to New York and then back to San Francsico and then back to New Orleans for a design confrerence-
I am finally back in the swing of things with work and my social life and went to a great party tonight at the interior design offices of Fisher-Weisman. The space is south of Market on Minna Street- and was an auto body shop which the pair bought 9 years ago and remodeled the space creating two levels. The polished look with the rustic wood beamed ceilings painted white are a perfect space were you can just feel the creativtiy! They have 2 adorable poodles (Rock and Billy) as well. You may have seen some of the fabulous one of a kind work that they do with shells and coral and how they encrust furniture and lighting. Andrew Fisher (who worked with Tony Duquette) has most recently launched a wonderful line of furniture for sale at Gumps in San Francisco (sadly I missed the party as I was in NY). The party tonight was thrown by Fisher- Weisman to show off the work of decorative painter Shirley von Karl Robinson who does wonderful finishes for interior projects.


Sanity Fair said...

The shell mirrors are fabulous - oh, heck, everything is. Love it!

The Peak of Chic said...

I adore the furniture with the coral accents and the plaster swags!!! Welcome home :)

ArchitectDesign said...

How I would love to work there -what a fantastic office!

Rose C'est La Vie said...

marvellous post, thank you. Like Jennifer I *love* the chair with plaster swags. Plaster and coral: what a winning combination these days.


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