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Friday, March 6

Examining the Chronicles of Grant K. Gibson

Thank you to the San Francisco Examiner and San Francisco Chronicle for the great mentions for the past two weeks.
These appeared on Sunday February 22nd and Sunday March 1st.
In the Chronicle article it was let of of the bag that I had been selected by Domino magazine to one of "10 DESIGNERS TO WATCH" of 2009.
The Domino photo shoot went great (TORI and AYA- I LOVE YOU!) and I can't thank the staff at Domino enough for all that they did.
A month or so has passed since the sad news and I wish nothing but the best for the staff of Domino. I can't thank them enough for such a wonderful chance and opportunity.
Thanks to Heather at Habitually Chic for the great mention on my Domino news as well.
These are some behind the scenes shots of our 2 day photo shoot! So much fun!


Scott Fazzini said...

G.K.G. - I absolutely love these behind the scenes photos! Your home looks like a comfortably stately set, and you a well suited (and, well dressed) actor in it. I would have loved to see the Domino article, but know that there are many shoots with prestigious shelter publications in your future.

Well done.

custardbydesign said...

its always great to see behind the scenes shots...great post

tartanscot said...

first things first - LOVE your new header . . . I actually giggled with delight when I first saw it. yay.

secondly, wow - congrats on all of the great press. I was sad to hear about the "domino drama,' but know that you have great things ahead of you in the future. I also noticed that Karen Palmer did your examiner interview, she's actually a friend of mine, and is just a delightful person to know.

Things That Inspire said...

I wonder why they did not publish one more issue, given that they had already done all of the photoshoots for the top 10 to watch? It would have been great for all involved.

Pigtown-Design said...

I am so disappointed for you about Domino. But great PR in the Chron!

pillow mint said...

Yes, Things That Inspire, one last issue of Domino would have been nice!
Love the behind the scenes photos, Grant. So great to see Wallace and Campbell in the pictures - I bet the Domino shoot included them, yes?

katiedid said...

What a fun experience! I wish we had gotten to see the finished shoot. Will we get to see the photos anywhere? The photgrapher's site? Or yours? Congrats on all of the mentions!

Tamstyles said...

You remind me of someone...I cant figure it out...but great blog..


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