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Wednesday, January 14

Michael Taylor book signing at Ed Hardy antiques

Last nights party at Ed Hardy's for the brand new book on Michael Taylor by Stephen Salny was DIVINE!
It was a warm night in San Francisco and we all had a great time drinking white wine and the wonderful shrimp with the avocado dipping sauce. Thank you so much to Ed Hardy for hosting such a nice event (as always).

Joy Bianchi's outfit in RED needed a front and a back photo as it was just FABULOUS! I thought that it might have been Chanel- but it was from a small shop in NYC from her last trip a few months back.

Suzanna's dog BUTTERFLY (almost 20 years old!) was the hit of the party...Dodie Rosekrans even wanted her picture taken with Butterfly too! Who else was there..Diane Dorrans Saeks, Paul Wiseman, Suzanna Allen, Karen Wesson, Kathleen Taylor, James Hunter, Clarellen Adams, Paul Weaver, Brenda Mickel and Ned, Daniel Detorie, Dan Zelen and last but not least were the daughter of Francis Elkins and grandson (such great history)!

Can't wait to finish up my day today and get into bed with Michael Taylor (well that came out wrong- but you know what I mean!)

PS. Stephen Salny is a doll if you don't know him. He toured a group of us around Lake Forest to see David Alder houses. I do need to locate those and post them as they are really worth checking out! His book on Francis Elkins should be in every library and makes a great gift.


Habitually Chic said...

I love Joy's outfit! Doesn't she just look like she'd be full of life and fun to hang out with?! I hope I look that chic when I am of a certain age!

ArchitectDesign said...

I want to see pictures of the house in Chicago!
The party looks totally fun -what a great group of people -the lady in red is FAB - love the fun glasses!

Mrs. Blandings said...

What fun - you go all the best places.

Laura said...

I would like to be Joy Bianchi please. Or at least have her as my aunt or something.

Patricia Gray said...

I just got my copy of the book in the mail today and I also "can't wait to jump into bed" with it. LOL
Wished I could have been at that book signing. Michael Taylor was my inspiration when I attended Design School.


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