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Saturday, January 24

Inspiring office...

I really like Kevin Sharkey's (VP and Director of Martha Stewart) office for a couple of reasons- the whole wall of Blanc de Chine statues and how all of the books are organized based on color (but think that this might frustrate me for my own personal collection as every category would be mixed together- but for sheer "pretty book wall" it is great). It is really hard to see how his desk is painted faux bois on the Parson's style- but what a great project!


tartanscot said...

I a big believer of the "organize your books by spine colour." It just helps to clean up the large number of art books that I have both here at home and in my office. I don' think I'd deal with any of my prose or non-fiction titles that way . . . but it's great for art/photography books. And after a while, you just start to know where things are located.

and, yes, his office is impressive.

thanks for posting,

ArchitectDesign said...

I tore this out of the magazine for my clipping files (do I say that a lot?). I just love how much personality this office has! Kevin has amazing style. While I like the look of the bookcase too, I like having my books sorted by subject more than color I think....the pragmatist in me.

Style Court said...

Wow, what a treat for the blanc de chine fanatic! Inspired.


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