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Saturday, December 13

mirror mirror on the wall

Who is the fairest of the all?

Well...not exactly...but here is a recent project that I did for a more modern setting (yes- it does surprise people that my office does work on modern projects).
Inspiration was taken from one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco called: Range (842 Valencia Street- in the Mission).  The framed mirror is from IKEA and then I did a ceruse wash over the dark wood (you really get to see the grain of the wood this way).  The hardware I got online (nickel plated casement adjusters- just google this) and mounted on both ends.  This makes the mirror completely adjustable.  I think that the angle of the mirror makes the room have more interest instead of just hanging it flat on the wall.


ArchitectDesign said...

it's great that you can angle it towards a view, or to reflect a light source. Much more interesting than hanging it flat on the wall.


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