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Tuesday, April 9

It's a wrap

I have a thing for grosgrain ribbon.  Black grosgrain ribbon to be exact.  I tend to tie up all of my gifts with it. It has become a sort of signature of mine.  I have a whole drawer full of all kinds of widths.  Always available on a moment's notice to add a special little detail to a gift.   Do you have any tips for adding the special touch to your gifts?


mary said...

Hi Grant, I love the paper, also. I love brown paper bag paper highlighted with great gold ribbon--the counterpoint.

Anonymous said...

Herbs or fragrant leaves like bay laurel inserted in the bow. Not very original but a nice sight and smell touch.


Pigtown*Design said...

whew! i thought you were giving up the blog!

Linda @ DesignInMyView said...

Stole/borrowed this from a girlfriend. She (I do this too) saves all those random ribbon bits left over from gifts and nearly empty ribbon spools.

Sorting by color knot a variety of these bits until you create the length you need to wrap the gift. Looks so great!

Your all black grosgrain in different widths could have a wonderful impact. Cheers!


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