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Tuesday, September 16

The Paris Flea Market:

So I really don't think that my life will EVER (and you all know that I like to be dramatic at times)...but again-I don't think that my life will EVER be the same after what I saw..learned and what I plan to go back to see just as soon as I can again.

I am SO grateful to Martha Angus and Karen Wesson for allowing me to join them for the day of flea marketing.  With all of the years that Martha has been going to the flea markets- I truly had a once in a life time opportunity to view and shop with one of my favorite designers (and friend).  Thank you so much Martha- I will never forget our time for as long as I live.  

I didn't get everything that I saw...but I did get this lovely pair of sconces (made of old door knockers) that will go into my new bedroom (being painted dark blue).

The Gustavian chair was from this wonderful woman who sold Swedish antiques.  Sadly it was sold but she is on a mission to find me more!!! 



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