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Tuesday, September 16

Lunch at le comptoir

Gourmet...Bon Appetite...Travel and Leisure and Abbi Fox were all right...
out of this world...
Who wouldn't love a place that has a cute little pig on the wine glass...
The place is by Yves Camdeborde who is the chef of the moment in Paris and the flavors are delicate and he comes up with haute cuisine flavors at the table!

The salad had wonderful baby artichokes...shaved pate...shallots and haricot vert

The croque monsieur had smoked salmon instead of ham...and was out of this world...


Lauren said...


The blog is fabulous – the photos are superb – just one more reason to get the I Phone. I’m so pleased you enjoyed le Comptoir – at least one of us has made it thru those hallowed doors! I’m enjoying this completely – look forward to more descriptions when you’re home.


Thanks Lauren – this is really fun to log on to -


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